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Elite Three Super Cool Hemp Seed Protein Supplement – an incredibly digestible product with numerous benefits. This low fat source of protein is formulated to support the most delicate system in the horse – the gut. 100% hemp and made with exceptional quality ingredients. No sugar added, gluten-free and no fillers!

Elite Three Muscle Builder – For the development of quality topline as well as hoof and skin support. Builder is a complete and highly digestible protein supplement that provides all 10 essential amino acids, Builder is an excellent choice for sales prep and performance horses needing to develop topline and recover quickly from work. Builder may be fed alone or combined with Evolve if higher levels of fat are desired. Builder is highly palatable and a good choice for horses that may be allergic to soy. Non-GMO, herbicide and pesticide free.

Elite Three E5 Evolve –  This unique form contains the highest presence of “Terpenes.” Terpenes are organic compounds found in a variety of plants and come with the benefits of anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-anxiety and anti-viral properties.


We carry a variety of high quality horse feed and supplements, which covers any feeding needs you may have.

Alfa Tech

  • Alfalfa Cubes 20kgs
  • Timothy Alfalfa Cubes 20kgs
  • Timothy Pellets 20kgs
  • Alfalfa Cubes 500kg tote bags (please call ahead)
  • Timothy Alfalfa Cubes 500kg tote bags (please call ahead)
  • Alfalfa Pellets 700kg tote bags (please call ahead)

Hi Pro

The ProForm Step Right Premium Equine Feed program was designed to match the diverse needs of horses through every stage or activity level of their life. Using a unique blend of nutrients, and fortifying each Step with Botanical Guardin, all Step Right feeds are specially formulated to provide the highest nutrient value and ensure optimal performance of your horse, each step of the way.

  • Step 1 Start Right (Broodmare) 18kgs
  • Step 2 Peak Extruded 18kgs
  • Step 2 Peak Sweet Textured 20kgs
  • Step 3 Classic Sweet Feed 20kgs
  • Step 4 Complete Pellet 20kgs
  • Step 4 Rocky Mountain Crunch (EXT) 18kgs
  • Step 5 Maintenance 20kgs
  • Step 6 Senior 18kgs
  • Step 7 Equine Supplement 20kgs
  • Step 7 ProB Mineral 20kgs
  • Step 8 Hi Fat 20% 15kgs
  • Pro Fibre Crunch 18kgs
  • Genapro
  • 13% Clover Bar Sweet Feed
  • Beet Pulp
  • Profibre Fx

Masterfeeds Horse Feed

  • Podium Cool Energy
  • N.R.G Horse Ration
  • Equine Developer
  • 17% Frisky Foal
  • Master’s Horse Krunchies
  • Masterfeeds 30% Horse Supplement
  • 14% Masterfeeds Senior
  • 16% Golden Years Cubes

Hoffmans Horse Feed

  • Hoffmans Senior
  • Hoffmans Hay Saver Cubes
  • Hoffmans Developer
  • Hoffmans Crunchies
  • Hoffmans Maintenance
  • Hoffmans Elite
  • Hoffmans Pro Fat

Purina Horse Feed

  • Purina Equilibrium Trimax
  • Purina Evolution Senior
  • Purina Evolution Sport Elite
  • Purina Equilibrium Equalizer
  • Purina Equilibrium Optimal
  • Purina Juvenile
  • Purina Horse Plus
  • Purina Pur Athlete
  • Purina BMZ
  • Purina Pur A Plus
  • Purina Apple Chunks

Misc Feeds and Supplements

  • Safe Choice Special Care
  • Caliber Senior
  • Caliber Working Horse Ration
  • Equine Power 2000
  • Max E Glo Rice Bran Mash and Pellets
  • Milled, Rolled and Whole Flax
  • Equest Mineral Blocks
  • Equest 15% Protein Tub
  • Advantage Liquid Supplement
  • Stud Muffins
  • Horse Cookies
  • Apple Wafers
  • Stall Dry
  • Sirocco
  • Timothy Cubes

Omega Alpha Products

  • Adren-Fx
  • Airwaves
  • Antiflam
  • Biotic 8
  • Chill
  • Gastra-Fx
  • GLS Powder
  • HA-180
  • Herba Coff
  • Immune Plus
  • MinereQ
  • Herbacoat
  • Respi-Free
  • Sinew-X
  • Tetda
  • Vantiox
  • Equisel-BCAA Paste
  • Sinew-X Plus